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Stylus C87, C87 plus compatible ink cartridges

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This Epson Stylus C67 compatible NEW cartridge-(Not a remanufacture)
Brand new from the Peachtree factory-same quantity, same quality as EOM T063120 and T0631 All cartridges come complete with fitted chip.
Brand New Replacement Guaranteed INK-TANK Brand T0631 compatible ink for
Epson Stylus C67,C87,CX3700,CX4100,CX4700,CX5700f,CX7700

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Review of the Stylus C87, C87plus Printers

Some consumers are still cautious about shopping for color printers thinking that they command high prices because of the kind of technology being utilized. This is only partly true because there are color printers that are already affordable like the Epson Stylus C87. This single-function unit with on demand inkjet printing method has an optimum print speed of 22 pages per minute for black text and 12 pages per minute for color text. The unit can print an A4 photo in about 147 seconds using the starter Epson  T0631 to T0634 ink cartridges installed. This starter set of ink wil only print a few copies toget you going but very soon you will have to replace those ink cartridges. This is where Epson makes it real money, by charging very high prices for brand name ink replacement cartridges. Do not let this put you off buying a Epson printer because there are generic cheap printer ink  cartridges available that will cost you very little and will work just as well as the Epson ink cartridges. Thousands of customers have found that this four-color ink cartridge set can be replaced with generic cartridges from Peachtreeink.com online shop and still give them a great printing image. 
The 5760 x 1440 dpi print resolution alone makes this printer suitable and more than enough for its price. Moreover, it has a USB 1.1 and 8-bit parallel interface. Like its closest counterpart, the C67, this unit utilizes a set of innovation like the Epson Creativity Suite and Epson Photo Print. Using high capacity printer ink cartridges, the maximum yield is 500 pages for an A4 size document. On the other hand, 380 A4 pages can be printed out of the color cartridges. The 120 sheets of input paper capacity is just enough for a color printer that can function like a personal and commercial unit.

Another affordable color inkjet printer Epson created for superb performance and print quality is the Stylus Stylus C87. It utilizes the highly innovative RPM technology providing a maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi. It has both USB and parallel ports connectivity to accommodate various gadgets and IT enhancements. Like the Stylus C67, it has the Epson Creativity Suite as well as other cutting edge photo printing software. High and standard quality cheap epson ink cartridges can be installed in the unit with the T0631 to T0634 as the more economical options.

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