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Stylus CX3700, CX4100, CX4700, CX7700 generic ink cartridges

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This Epson Stylus C67 compatible NEW cartridge-(Not a remanufacture) Brand new from the Peachtree factory-same quantity, same quality as EOM T063120 and T0631 All cartridges come complete with fitted chip.
Brand New Replacement Guaranteed Peachtree Brand T0631 compatible ink for Epson Stylus C67,C87,CX3700,CX4100,CX4700,CX5700f,CX7700
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Review of the Stylus CX3700, CX4100, CX4700, CX7700 Printers

Although there are plenty of advanced software applications for printers, cutting edge sets of hardware play an essential role in obtaining high quality text, graphic, and photo prints. The Epson Stylus CX3700 has a USB 2.0 interface for instant connectivity. Tablet and laptop computers will not have an issue connecting to it. In addition, the on demand printing method has provides a nozzle configuration of 90 nozzles for black and 29 nozzles each for yellow, cyan, and magenta. The flatbed color image scanner enables users to scan old photos and important documents for restoration and storage. The printer comes out the box with a set of 4 starter ink cartridges that will not give you any more than 45 printd pages. You will have to get a good set of regular ink at the same time as buying the new printer but you will be surprosed to find that the price of a set of ink cartridges can cost you about the same as the printer itself. No need to be alarmed because you can safely  substitute the replacement ink cartridges with an aftermarket brand inexpensive printer ink  and still produce pretty good prints. Try the Peachtree brand of four ink cartridges with colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta in the more affordable generic options from Peachtreeink.com online. 
Amazingly, the Stylus CX3700 is not only equipped with the latest components. There are also more than enough software tools than any kind of user can handle. These include the Scan Assist, Attach Email, Image Clip Pallete, Copy Utility, Easy Photo Print, and Print Image Framer Designer. These tools are helpful transitioning from scanning to printing as well as copying to printing tasks. With this mobility in the use of software and hardware alike, print results will not only come in high quality but in the sortest time possible. 

For consumers who are after an affordable printer that can assume a dual role of an office printer, the Epson Stylus CX4100 is the right equipment for home use. Actually, it is an MFP that is packed with photo printing innovation and efficient scanning and copying capabilities.  As a standalone copier, it has three copy modes such as standard, BorderFree up to A4, and small margins. The flatbed color image scanner has a pixel depth of 48-bit internal and 24-bit external. Using the Epson Creativity Suite, photographs can be scanned and edit to bring out its optimum look. The print results come out with stunning color and clarity with the support of the 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi and DURABrite Ultra pigment inks. The water-resistant and smudge proof consumables are contained in the T0631 to T0634 cartridges. Peachtreeink.com online store supplies replacement cheap ink cartridges with almost the same quality as the original. 
The capability of printing directly from PictBridge-enabled cameras is a feature that is perfect for home users. However, this does not mean that the unit is only fit for home use. It has a host of commercially useful software that using it in an office is the next best option. Sets of software like Web-to-Page, File Manager, Easy Photo Print. and Copy Utility are more beneficial when used in home and offices.

Not only graphic designers and photographers need printing tools in their work but even creative hobbyists as well. It is a good thing that the Epson Stylus CX4700 has a very useful photo management project software that makes editing, copying, and printing of text, graphics and photos as easy as playing a game. Apart from the software, the basic functions that made it happen are the flatbed color image scanner and stand alone copier. Hard copies of new and old photos can be scanned and improved to optimum appearance with the use of the photo enhancement tools. Even graphic prints for office presentations and school projects would look different when processed in this printer. The copy very often will look better than the original. Now thats what I call a printer! With tools like Print Image Framer Designer, Image Clip Pallete, and Scan Assist, even amateur can do the tricks of professionals. 
Together with the hardware, high quality consumables would make a difference in every output. Epson has specialty papers that guarantee durability and quality in text and photo prints. This is of course in combination with the ink system employing four cartridges such as the Epson models T0631 to T0634. These cartridges have counterpart replacements from Peactreeink.com online store. The aftermarket ink cartridges sell at a much lower price than Epsons branded ink ad they do just as great job a in your Epson Stylus CX4700. Another crucial factor in printing is the speed wherein the Stylus CX4700 is second to none. It can print 20 pages per minute of black text and 19 pages per minute of color text. All in all this is a great printer. 

The Stylus CX7700 is the epitome of the functional MFP from Epson. It possesses the fool-proof sets of innovation integrated in an affordable printing workhorse for the home and office. This unit utilizes on demand inkjet technology with basic functions such as copying, scanning, and printing. Compared to its counterparts, this unit has identical print speed at 20 pages per minute for mono and 19 pages per minute for color. The same is true for the maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi which is standard for all MFP in its class will render a great result for you every time. The biggest media size that this unit can print on is A4 with paper types such as envelopes, photo paper, plain paper, and cards. Original Epson cheap epson ink cartridges installed are T0631 to T0634 with colors black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. These are simply beginner cartridges and will only print out a few copies. Epson really want you to always buy a set of brand new Epson brand ink cartridges with the printer because that is where tey make their real profit.Unfortinately a set of replacement ink cartridges can cost you as much as the printer itself so it will be a bit of a let down after thinking you got such a bargain with the CX7700 printer. Do not dispair, Peachtree Ink keeps a substantially lower cost generic replacement alternative ink cartridges cheap set which work just the same at the T063 series ink cartridges from Epson.The brand name is different but the rendering result is just the same.
ArcSoft PhotoImpression 5 is the main software that is included with operating systems like MS Windows Me, XP, 98se, 2000, and Mac OS X 10.2. With the USB 2.0 interface, this unit can easily connect to various devices using the same port. At 20.9 lbs, the Stylus CX7700 is not a light printer. On the other hand, it not really very imposing with its dimensions of 17” x 16.3” x 7.8”. With 100 sheets of paper input capacity, this MFP is fit for the home and a small office only.

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