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Stylus Cx5700F generic ink

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This Epson Stylus C67 compatible NEW cartridge-(Not a remanufacture) Brand new from the Peachtree factory-same quantity, same quality as EOM T063120 and T0631 All cartridges come complete with fitted chip.
Brand New Replacement Guaranteed INK-TANK Brand T0631 compatible ink for Epson Stylus C67,C87,CX3700,CX4100,CX4700,CX5700f,CX7700
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Review of the Stylus Cx5700F Printers

There are still businesses that cannot get rid of their fax machines in spite of the more modern means of sending files and messages. The Epson Stylus CX5700F integrates this function with printing, scanning, and copying for a highly functional multifunction printer. For the fax function, the line is PSTN with transmission of 2400 bps and G3 protocol. On the other hand, the standalone printer has four copy modes namely Standard, BorderFree, Small Margins, and 5” x  7” or A4. Specifications for the flatbed color image scanner is identical with its closest counterpart as well as the stand alone copier. For the interfaces, there is USB direct print only and high speed USB 2.0. This printer also supports more than a dozen integrated card slots. 
With its full functionality, the Epson Stylus CX5700F utilizes four ink cartridges which are Epson models T0631 to T0634. Beware of very high prices for these ink cartridges from Epson. This manufacturer unfortunately has a sneaky business model where they sell you the printer at a very low cost but make up for it by selling you the replacement cheap ink cartridges at a very high cost. Peachtree ink  distributes a lower cost generic ink cartridge with a more affordable price and amazing quality. Even thouigh they are generic branded ink cartridges thay really do just the same thing. So do not worry too much about the running cost of the Epson CX5700F printer. More than half a dozen Epson software tools are in place which include Photo Impression, Print Image Framer, Attach to Email, and Scan Assist. Color to Color fax transmission is possible with 24-bit color modes. Fast dialing can also be undertaken with 20 group dials and 60 speed dials. The Resolution Performance Management Technology provides 5760 optimized dpi for clearer graphic and photo prints. 

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