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THIS IS THE REGULAR VOLUME T069 SERIES Brand new T0691 Black compatible printer cartridge.
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Review of the Epson Stylus NX300 printer

There are instances wherein documents, graphics, and photos have to be reduced and enlarged for specific purposes. With the Epson Stylus NX300 All-in-one Printer, photos and documents can be reduced and enlarged to 25 to 400% respectively. Aside from this feature, this MFP can fax in color and monochrome. With just a touch, documents can easily be copied and they can also be scanned with high quality output. The built-in automatic document feeder ensures that copying time is drastically reduced. The Auto Photo Correction software is instrumental in enhancing each photo that needs to be printed or reproduced. In combination with this is the high technology Pigment Ink with original Epson brand cartridges T0691 to T0694 installed. High quality replacements for these inks can be bought from Peachtree Ink online shop. No need to relace these printer ink cartridges with expensive Epson brand ink. Simply replace the Epson ink cartridges with the cheaper generic ink Peachtree brand and still get a very good print job with this Epson Stylus NX300. Peachtree has ink for Epson printers at prices that will amaze you.

As a color MFP, the Stylus NX300 has a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. With this quality, images come out with more clarity and detail. The print speed for black is at 31 pages per minute and 15 pages per minute for color. For photo printing, the media types that can be employed are photo paper glossy, premium photo paper glossy, ultra premium photo paper glossy, and matte scrapbook photo paper. This printer has a high speed USB 2.0 connectivity and works with a number of MS Word versions and Mac OS X as well.  

Review of the Epson Stylus NX510 All-in-one Printer

Through wireless fidelity, access to information and communication has become faster and easier. Even electronic equipment and various gadgets can be interconnected without any big issue. One printer that demonstrates this kind of sophistication is the Epson Stylus NX510 All-in-one Printer. Through the built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet, more than a couple of personal computers can connect to the MFP not only for printing but also for other data processing tasks. One awesome online feature of the unit is scanning to e-mail wherein soft copies of photos and documents can be attached to an email for sending. For printing documents and photos from various sources, the printer utilizes a simple four-cartridge ink system. Starter Epson original T0691 and T0694 ink tanks are installed which have generic counterparts from Peachtreeink.com online shop.  These generic alternative inexpensive ink cartridges will work very well in this Epson Stylus NX 510 printer. This printer seems to be very happy with the aftermarket style ink cartridge and will still give you a perfect print and perfect photos. Just make sure your printer nozzles are open and clear as this always seems to be a bit of a problem with Epson printers due to the way their ink delivery system is structurd. It has a lot of advantages but the one disadvantage is that the nozzles seem to clog up if the printer stand unused for a while or pat oter times for no reason at all. A simple nozzle clean via the epson software on your computer will blow out the muck and give you a clear print again.     

When a lot of users have access to a single printer, printed materials have a tendency to be accidentally ruined. The DURABrite Ultra pigment ink being utilized makes the prints water resistant, fade resistant, and smudge proof. A workgroup printer must be pretty fast to cope up with the printing duty. The Stylus NX510 answers this with a 20-second print speed in processing a 4” x 6” color photo. In printing monochrome documents, its print speed is 15 ISO pages per minute and 9.3 pages per minute for color.   

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