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Stylus NX330 and NX430 Peachtree Brand ink cartridges

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T126 precision re-manufactured ink cartridges.
High capacity 18 ml volume.Black and color cartridges work perfectly in these printers
Epson Workforce 520/545/60/630/633/635/645/840/845 and NX330/NX430.
+ Workforce WF-7510 , WF-7520 (wide format)

If your printer uses 2 black cartridges at a time, you may want to order 2 black inks.
Stylus NX330 and NX430 do not take the wide T127 high capacity black ink cartridge.


Review of the Stylus NX330 and NX430 printers

In small offices and the confines of small housing units, it is ideal to setup a small multifunction printer. It is better if the unit has wireless printing capability which could take commands from the latest mobile devices. This is the main feature that the EPSON Stylus NX330 brings to the table. With the wireless technology and multiple card slots, it is now possible to print even without connecting to a personal computer. Using these convenient features, the unit can easily be shared with office colleagues or family members. Even with its compatibility with an assortment of applications, it is pretty easy to setup and uses the instant-dry T126 ink cartridge without any hassle. These T126 print cartridges are available in the very expensive original Epson brand or for those cost cocious users we also have the lower priced cheaper printer ink cartridges in the generic variation.These generic printer ink cartridges will work just as well as the original brand cartridges so why waste your money if you are not doing professional jobs.Generic ink cartridges in this model prnter is perfect for home and office use

Even if the design of the Stylus NX330 is geared towards being a personal printer, it can assume the role of a small office multifunction unit. There is also the Stylus NX430 which has the same specifications but sports a bigger 2.5” LCD smart touch panel. It is important that a home printer like these two models has the T126 high-capacity instant-dry ink cartridge which produces water resistant and scratch-free prints. The printing atmosphere at home is slightly different from an office setting so this type of ink is just perfect for these EPSON Stylus models.

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