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Stylus - R280 and R380 generic ink

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BRAND NEW T0781 Black 15ml printer ink in the famous PEACHTREE brand.
Brand New with a new chip. Works perfectly in your Epson Printer.
Suitable for: Stylus Photo R260 and R280, R380, RX580,RX595 RX680

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Review of the Stylus - R280 and R380 Printers

The versatile Epson Stylus Photo R380 is a great printer for people who are keen on photography, whether they are professional photographers or just take pictures as a hobby. It is a great printer which offers you all you need for Ultra-Hi definition photos right at home or your workplace. It is a pretty neat thing that you can print beautiful photos without the need of a PC, you can simply use the LCD screen on the printer to go through your photos, select them, crop them and easily print the photos from your memory card. You can also select to print the photos by date, so when you’re printing the printer will sort the photos automatically by the time they were taken, so organizing them won’t be a big problem for you either. For better quality and longer use of this printer, it is highly recommended using the cheap printer ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink, cause this printer works awesome with them. Another fun feature worth mentioning is the ability to watch a video, pause it at a certain frame and print the picture using the adjustments you desire. With its high versatility and usefulness the Stylus Photo R380 is great for anyone who likes to use it. 

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