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Stylus R300, R320, R325, and R340 generic ink cartridges

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Suitable for: Stylus Photo Printers: R200, R220, R300, R320, R340, RX500, RX600, RX620
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Review of the Epson R300,  R320,  R325,  and  R340 Printers
by Conrado

In a business environment full of ink and laserjetprinters, people may wonder if impact printers are still in use. These printers are a bit noisy because they work by banging a needle against the ink ribbon. At present, they are still very useful because they are primarily used in printing values to invoices. The Epson R300 printer is one of the most modern impact printers from Epson. The appearance did not change much but the model is upgraded for more demanding workplaces. These new versions are more user-friendly wherein environment-friendly consumables like generic ink can be used. They also deliver faster prints partly due to system integration like USB connectivity as well as parallel and serial ports.

In high speed draft selection, the Epson R300 can handle 5-part forms. It has the capacity of tackling high volume print jobs with printing speed that and reach 337 characters per second. With all its capacity for delivering tons of printed documents, this compact printer is really not too bulky. Epson utilized 9-pin technology in the LX-300 which has durability and narrow formatting. It is the same technology that enables an assortment of printing tasks like customer shipping labels, invoices, receipts, spreadsheets, and inventory reports. Because the characters have to be printed with consistency, using generic cheapest ink ensures that figures are clearly transcribed without scattering or fading. 


Impact printers have the reputation of dominating office environments with its distinctive sound. Nonetheless, I found the Epson R300 to be quieter than previous versions I have encountered. Epson did a good job by setting the noise level at 49 db. It supports more than a couple of Windows OS, NT 4.0, and Me. The printer is capable of continuous feed of 3” per second and 88 milliseconds per line. The efficiency of generic discount ink is tested at this optimum printing speed. Ribbon life is expected at 3 million characters at 14 dots.

Like any other impact printer, paper jamming is a usual occurrence. There will also be issues with ribbon and needle. Nonetheless, these are minor concerns that have quick fixes. In general, paper handling and printing is at ideal level. Roll paper, envelopes, and labels can be fed to the unit with ease. As soon as they enter the Epson Epson R300, you can assure that high quality printed documents will come out. The company has introduced a twist to an old printing technology.

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