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Workforce 30 & 40 & 310 generic ink cartridges

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THIS IS THE HIGH VOLUME T068 SERIES BRAND NEW T0681 black is perfectly suitable for these printers:
EPSON CX5000, CX6000, CX8400, C120 and Workforce 30/40/500/600/615 (COMPLETE WITH NEW FITTED CHIP) Higher volume printer ink than T069. ------------------------------------- 2 day PRIORITY Shipping $4.95 or FREE SHIPPING on orders $50 and more. -------------------------------------

Review of the Workforce 30 & 40 & 310 Printers

Apart from the print speed, a double-sided printing feature is an ideal enhancement for a printer. This is a cool addition to the Epson Workforce 30 inkjet printer. This unit is especially intended for a home office or a busy humble enterprise. Its print speed is something that is unexpected considering that the Workforce 30 is just a compact single function printer. The rate is 5.5 ISO pages per minute for color and 16 ISO pages per minute for black which is about twice faster compared with the unit’s counterparts. The four ink cartridges contain high volume ink which can be replaced with generic ink cartridges Peachtreeink.com supplies. 
Being a compact printer, the unit only has a paper input capacity of 100  sheets. However, it has one of the finest paper feeder among the top compact printers. The quality of print from this unit is so unique that Epson guaranteed that they would last for a century and another 5 years. Of course, this is only possible if original Epson consumables are used. On the other hand, the maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi can provide clear and colorful images even with only replacement consumables are in use. This is also possible with the help of the latest printing software.  

Functionality is the most common feature that a user needs to seek on the printer that would be a staple to his office or work desk at home. You will surely need a printer of your own when you have kids going to school. They will need to accomplish their projects in every subject and most of the time they will use the computer to do so. Term papers are usually printed with the use of high quality and fast speed printers and you can never go wrong with the Epson Workforce 30 Inkjet Printer. You are sure to print several documents smoothly with just one go. If you need real good printed results with the simplest and most affordable printers you will surely be able to get the most of your money with the Epson Workforce 30 for the utmost performance. You can surely be able to make the most of your printing experience with 16 pages per minute printing. Cheap printer ink replacements for the Workforce 30 are just easy to find. When one color runs out you can easily purchase a replacement of the most affordable kind since this printer works well with generic refilled toner that’s available online. 

Families and organizations that are in need of printers for various purposes can rely on the Epson WorkForce 40. Like its closest sibling, the Epson Workforce 30, it has the basic features that consumers look for in a printer. Aside from this, this single function printer is wired and wireless network ready. More than a couple of users can connect to the Workforce 40 using the most convenient network option. Within a workgroup, time efficiency and the amount of output are the key. This is resolved with print speed that can reach 15 ISO pages per minute for black and 9.3 ISO per minute for color. Together with this feature is the automatic two-sided printing that saves ample time for all users. The quality of prints depends on the maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi as well as the high volume ink cartridges. This unit utilizes T0681 to T0684 printer ink cartridges which can be replaced with generic printer ink cheap from Peachtreeink.com online shop. Cheaper than the Epson brand ink cartridges that is to say. These aftermarket branded compatible ink cartridges will do ths same job at less than half theprice. The Workforce 40 would be in demand to online professionals and hobbyists who are constantly sharing and processing volumes of documents, graphics and photos. With hig speed USB, Wireless Wi-Fi, and Wired Ethernet connectivity, this printer can tackle the enormous task. 

When you need a printer with high speed performance for printing documents which are more inclined to the use of black ink then you can surely rely on the Epson Workforce 40 to do a great job. This printer has a model feature of Wi-Fi and Ethernet where you can directly print documents from your computer or stored in your Smartphones for easy printing without the use of cable attachments. This printer is indeed a standalone worker that can give you printing results of up to 15 pages per minute. You will surely be able to accomplish and comply with your school projects on time. Not only can the printer serve one master at a time. With the use of Wi-Fi technology the printer can print several documents from different computer servers as long as there is good detection. Since the printer is constantly used by a lot of members of the family as well as in the office you will need ink refills in order to continue doing work. You can replace a run out color with generic refill toners for the printer will still perform perfectly with them. You can guarantee lower maintenance cost with the Workforce 40.

There are distinct qualities of a printer that are essential for business applications. The set includes features such as wireless connectivity, automatic document feeder and PC faxing. As an all-in-one printer, the Epson Workforce 310 All-in-one printer has all these sets of innovation designed for commercial use. There is an Ethernet port for wireless networking wherein more than a couple of users can share in its use. If traditional fax is sent via printed materials, the Workforce 310 can process it through a soft copy from a PC. As an Energy Star compliant MFP, its energy consumption is 70% less compared to laser printers. 
Instant drying inks are one of the strengths of this model. The T0691 to T0694 series ink cartridges are in use with replacement print cartridges that can be bought from Peachtreeink.com online shop. The print speed of 16 ISO pages per minute for black and 5.5 ISO pages per minute for color is ideal for business use. For the copier function, the copy quality comes with color, black/white, draft, standard, and best. It has a fax memory of up to 180 pages and fax speed of 33.6 kbps. Added convenience can be derived with Delay send, Auto redial, and Adjustable resolution. 

The Epson Workforce 310 is a really reliable printer that can print your documents in real time fast speed. With the most functional design you will be able to appreciate the performance of the printer which will definitely be reliable in times where you need to print documents in several computers at one time. With the Ethernet feature of the printer you can surely be able to meet the needs of several office workers for printing different documents with the same printer even when you are using separate computer servers in the office. If you want to save on paper you can always make the back to back format which is featured in the Workforce 310. Paper feeding would not be a problem with the Workforce 310 since it is engineered to feed paper comfortably and easily with the installed tray. Refilling the ink will not be a problem since the printer works well with generic refill toners. You can surely get fax papers within a few minutes. You will really have more uses for the fast performing printer that can save up to 70% of energy compared to laser printers where you can save lots of hard earned money.

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