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Workforce 500 & 600, 610, 615 generic ink cartridges

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CHOOSE FROM THIS HIGH VOLUME T068 SERIES  orT069 series regular printer ink cartridges.
THE REGULAR VOLUME T069 SERIES Brand new T0691 Black compatible printer cartridge.(  Black 14.5ml Colors 13.5ml )
High Volume T0681 black 18.2ml ink - colors have 17ml ink

Suitable for EPSON CX5000, CX6000, CX8400, C120 and Workforce 30/40/500/600/615
T068 series is a Higher volume ink than T069. (  Black 14.5ml Colors 13.5ml )
High Volume T0681 black 18.2ml ink - colors have 17ml ink
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Review of the Workforce 500 & 600 Printers

Wise small business entrepreneurs choose to make businesses in their own homes. They have several clients that seek their help and they need to get several documents printed every day. When you are in a business that involves scanning, photo printing, copying and fax of documents then the Epson Workforce 500 is the best printer for you. It greatly adjusts to the pace of your working ability wherein you can print up to 4 pages per minute and you are able to receive faxes with just 3 seconds per page of legal sized documents. It is no joke to invest a good amount of money for the start of your small business and purchasing the Workforce 500 will greatly add to the benefit of your business and with the use of generic replacement ink cartridges you will help your budget so much. This printer is very much affordable to purchase and you can lessen the maintenance cost by purchasing generic ink toners for the Workforce 500 that will still perform best with the use of generic ink cartridges. It seems from customer reports that Peachtree INK has the cheapest printer ink online. Energy saving is also considered to be an addition to the features of this printer. You can save up to 3x less power than that of a laser printer.

There are printers that are called multifunction units but they do not have the all-in-one feature of the Epson Workforce 500. It has a printer, fax, scanner, copier, and mini photo lab. This can be a tall order but this MFP is supported by cutting edge hardware and software. First among them is the built-in 30-page automatic document feeder which saves time on every task. The built-in card slots accommodates a number memory card formats which are also compensated by the high speed USB connectivity. For photo previewing and printing without the use of a personal computer, there is a 2.5” LCD display screen. For the software, the Auto Photo Correction is handy in photo editing to achieve the optimum look in every photo print.
The technology employed in hardware and software is not enough because consumable items must also be with superior quality. The Workforce 500 utilizes high volume original ink cartridges with DURABrite Ultra ink. For high quality replacement, Peachtreeink.com distributes generic ink cartridges at amazingly low prices. They may not have the cheapest ink cartrides on the market but they sure will save you a lot and still deliver a geat printout. Other features of this unit is the color flatbed scanner with 1200 dpi optical resolution. On the other hand, the copier can produce 1-99 pages PC-free. The fax memory can reach up to 180 pages of memory capacity. Having a 100-sheet paper capacity means that this unit is perfect for small offices and homes. 

You cannot go wrong with the Epson Workforce 600 for the best performing printer that is able to print high quality photos and  documents as well as receive faxes, scan documents and as well as copy them. There is a real great need for fast performing printers to be available in the market since there are a lot of businesses that make use of printers every day. With the paper printing capacity of 38 pages per minute you can print several documents in just a few moments of your time. With the use of Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection you are surely able to multi task several processes with just one gadget. Printing documents from computers and mobile phones will be a real possibility as long as you have the Workforce 600. With a 2.5 inch LCD and 2 memory card slots you can directly print documents and images straight from the memory card with high quality image results.  You will enjoy 2 years of warranty with this printer. You can enjoy the most affordable ink replacements since the printer still performs well with generic printer ink cartridges brought right here at Peachtree INK and available at several internet ink shops for door to door delivery. With the compatible after market printer ink cartridges you will substantially reduce the cost of running this printer and you will still be able to maintain the top quality print jobs this Epson workforce printer delivers. 

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