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Workforce 520, WF520 generic ink cartridges (T126 inks)

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T126 precision re-manufactured ink cartridges. THIS PRINTER DOES NOT USE T127 High capacity cartridges.
T126 Black and color cartridges work perfectly in these printers OR T125 series
Epson Workforce 520/545/60/630/633/635/645/840/845 and NX330/NX430.+ Workforce WF-7510 , WF-7520 (wide format)
If your printer uses 2 black cartridges at a time, you may want to order 2 black inks.

Review of the Workforce 520 Printers

While computer printers are getting to be far more competent at doing various tasks like making copies, scanning services, printing, potential buyers have become confused as to which printer model to choose from when contemplating a new purchase. A great number of suppliers of computer printers have  worked without cease to be the best in order to beat other branded printer models. Epson is one of those brands to rise to the top. Typically the problem at this point falls to many potential buyers whether good quality printouts hinge on branded printer model alone or maybe on other elements like branded or generic printer ink. Almost all computer printers in all styles, appearance, features and functions have one similar denominator. They all need good quality cheap printer ink to produce good photos or good documents.
Generic ink for printers has grown to be compatible to most of the printer models available. Regardless whether it’s branded or not, all inkjet printer models like you has an available generic printer ink at Peachtree INK.  The Epson workforce printer is especially happy to use generic printer ink and virtually never has any problems using the lower cost brand. Thousands of happy customers are using the generic ink in the Epson workforce 520 and have saved so much on printing costs. Now they can print away without ever having to consider the high cost of branded ink. Please note that this printer has only one black cartridge slot and also remember that this Workforce 520 printer does not use the T127 high capacity cartridges. You must order the T126 ink cartridges which work just fine in the Epson Workforce 520. Also noteworthy is that the Peachtree Ink generic version of the T126 ink cartridges work very well in this 520 printer. Buy generic and save so much.

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