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Workforce 545, WF545 generic ink cartridges (T126 inks)

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T126 Black and color cartridges work perfectly in these printers
Epson Workforce 545/60/630/633/635/645/840/845 and NX330/NX430.+ Workforce WF-7510 , WF-7520 (wide format)
If your printer uses 2 black cartridges at a time, you may want to order 2 black inks per set.

Review of the Workforce 545 Printer

Together with the EPSON Workforce 520, the Workforce 545 has the Eco features that sohisticated all-in-one printers have. Even with print speeds of 7.2 ISO ppm for color prints and 15 ISO ppm for black prints, it is still capable of saving at least 70% of the power consumption. Using the the same T126 DURABRITE high-capacity ink, the model 545 all-in-one can produce more prints compared to other ink cartridges in the market. Moreover, print quality must not suffer with an affordable ink because prints from the T126 are water-resistant as well as fade and smudge proof. It is truly a perfect fit for EPSON Workforce 520 and 545. 


“Multifunctional printers cost so much” – this really is one of the most cliché complains about All-in-One printers. But those days are past now as Epson WorkForce 545 Wireless All-in-One enters the scene! With some stunning and cutting edge features this Epson multifunctional unit seems to be pretty impressive. But what makes the WorkForce 545 even more remarkable is its affordable price – which makes it everybody’s device. With fast print, scan, fax and copy feature – the WorkForce 545 debuts under the ‘fastest All-in-One’ banner. On actual use also, this unit keeps its promise. It averages an impressive 15 ppm (pages per minute) in B/W and 7.2 ppm in color and these figures makes this printer an extremely fast workhorse. The tray can hold 250 sheets at a time and this makes it ideal for office use. Especially those big enterprises will reap its benefits most by putting large volume of workloads for this All-in-One. It is also an inkjet printer, so it means it uses ink cartridges – not toners, so it means the users can add and replace the original ink from Epson with any suitable generic ink.

Although it might not be necessary because surprisingly, Epson has designed the printer to be cost-effective as far as ink consumption is concerned without compromising the quality. But even if someone still wants real good savings, then they can always order the substantially generic cheapest printer ink T127 or T126 from Peachtree INK which will ensure low-cost printing without losing any quality.  original Brand Epson ink will cost about $20 per cartridge whereas Peachtree INks generics cost only $6.75 each. Thay is a huge saving considering that you need at least 4 cartridges at a time. That is the Balck, cyan, magenta and yellow color ink cartridges. The T127 cartridge is the highest volume ink cartridge and only costs one Dollar more that the regular sized T126 printer ink cartridge. It is pretty clear that the WorkForce 545 has been especially designed for providing pro-level performances to the smaller to larger enterprises. Thanks to the wireless connectivity and Epson Connect technology it can access Wi-Fi networks and can be used anywhere where wireless connection is present.

The Wi-Fi feature looks really good and working with it is fast and easy while it can be used to hook up with computers via cable connections (USB) as well. It is also truly multifunctional – as it can fax, scan and copy as well as print the documents real quick and those features work perfectly – no complains there. It is also so not power consuming unit, as it consumes 70% less power than the average powerful laser printers that produce more or less similar outputs and it comes with extra capacity printer ink cartridges as well – so double use is possible with the same cartridges. The conscious users can take this advantage as they can buy an generic ink and use it in the Extra High-Capacity ink cartridges that come with the unit. Also there is an Auto-Document Feeder which works pretty fine. The only bad thing about the Epson WorkForce 545 is that the installation process is pretty complex and eats up some valuable time. However, once the installation is done the rest is easy. The WorkForce 545 is a champion because of its outstanding and unbeatable price, quality and All-in-One functionality.

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