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Workforce WF-7010, WF-7510 , WF-7520 generic T126 ink cartridges

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T126 precision re-manufactured ink cartridges. High capacity 18 ml volume.Black and color cartridges work perfectly in these printers Plus the T127 extre high capacity print cartridges are also a great option at only one dollar more than T126.
Used by Epson Workforce 520/545/60/630/633/635/645/840/845
and NX330/NX430.+ Workforce WF-7510 , WF-7520 ,WF-3520,  WF-3540(wide format)

If your printer uses 2 black cartridges at a time, you may want to order 2 black inks.

Review of the Workforce WF-7510, WF-7520 Printers

Business type printers are indeed the best to work with when you have a real large business. If you need to print several pages of documents and other related printed media you will surely need a printer that best performs with you. A printer that can adjust to your work pace would be efficient enough to handle the pressure of works and deadlines and you can count on Epson Workforce WF-7510 to do a great job in serving your printing needs. If you want legitimate work force you can avail of the Workforce WF-7510 that can print of up to 13” x 15” printed media and can scan up an image of dimensions 11” x 17” so you do not have to merge several parts of images until you get the whole picture. You can surely make the most out of the printing time with the capacity of 15 pages per minute for black documents and 8 pages per minute print out for colored documents with a tray that can handle paper stash of up to 250 pages you can never go wrong with this printer. The Workforce WF-7510 also works well with generic ink cartridges with affordable price list.


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