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HP02 Black generic re-manufactured cheap ink cartridges plus Colors. Excellent quality cartridge works perfectly in your HP printer or your money back. Regular volume 12ml; Suitable for Photosmart 3310xi, 3313, 8230, 8238, 8250, C8721WN, C8771WN, C8772WN, C8773WN, C8774WN, and C8775WN C5140,C5180 C6180 C6250 C6280 C7180 C7280, C8180, D7145 D7155 D7160 D7260 D7360 D7460 PSC7280 (and more). NOTE TO UK CUSTOMERS: SORRY HP CARTRIDGES DO NOT WORK IN UK.

Suitable for these HP printers
PhotoSmart 3110 PhotoSmart C6170 PhotoSmart C8150
PhotoSmart 3200 PhotoSmart C6175 PhotoSmart C8180
PhotoSmart 3210 PhotoSmart C6180 PhotoSmart D6160
PhotoSmart 3210v PhotoSmart C6185 PhotoSmart D7145
PhotoSmart 3210xi PhotoSmart C6200 PhotoSmart D7155
PhotoSmart 3300 PhotoSmart C6240 PhotoSmart D7160
PhotoSmart 3310 PhotoSmart C6250 PhotoSmart D7200
PhotoSmart 3310xi PhotoSmart C6270 PhotoSmart D7245
PhotoSmart 8230 PhotoSmart C6275 PhotoSmart D7255
PhotoSmart 8250 PhotoSmart C6280 PhotoSmart D7260
PhotoSmart 8250v PhotoSmart C6285 PhotoSmart D7263
PhotoSmart 8250xi PhotoSmart C7150 PhotoSmart D7268
PhotoSmart C5140 PhotoSmart C7170 PhotoSmart D7275
PhotoSmart C5150 PhotoSmart C7180 PhotoSmart D7288
PhotoSmart C5170 PhotoSmart C7200 PhotoSmart D7345
PhotoSmart C5180 PhotoSmart C7250 PhotoSmart D7355
PhotoSmart C5190 PhotoSmart C7280 PhotoSmart D7360
PhotoSmart C6100 PhotoSmart C7283 PhotoSmart D7400
PhotoSmart C6150 PhotoSmart C8100 PhotoSmart D7460
PhotoSmart C6160

Review of the HP02 ink cartridge

The HP-compatible HP02 black ink cartridge is a regular sized re-manufactured black ink cartridge. It has a volume of 12 ml, which means that this printer ink cartridge has a standard sized ink capacity. The benefit of buying a re-manufactured ink cartridge as opposed to buying the HP original is that you make significant savings when buying the re-manufactured cartridge without losing out on printing quality. This HP compatible HP02 black ink cartridge will still produce photo prints to the same high standards as a genuine HP cartridge, and luckily this ink cartridge can be used without problem in a variety of HP Photosmart models.
Here are some examples of the HP Photosmart printers that will work with the HP02 regular re-manufactured black ink cartridge: 3310xi, 3313, 8230, 8238, 8250, C8721WN, C8771WN, C8772WN, C8773WN, C8774WN, C8775WN, C5140, C5180, C6180, C6250, C6280, C7180, C7280, C8180, D7145, D7155, D7160, D7260, D7360, D7460, PSC7280, among other models. So for those with the following HP Photosmart printer models, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you can save money on replacing your ink cartridges if you buy cheaper re-manufactured ink cartridges, such as the HP-compatible HP02 black re-manufactured ink cartridges cheap from Peachtree Ink.

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