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HP15 (Black) compatible

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This generic ink cartridge is fully compatible with HP C6615DN (HP 15)
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This Hp15 black usually is paired with HP49 color cartridge.
Check your printer model to make sure.

Review of the HP15 ink cartridge

For anyone that has ever had to replace ink cartridges in a printer, you will know that nothing is more frustrating than having to pay top dollar for a HP brand replacement ink cartridge. Depending on your printer's efficiency, you may find that you are having to replace the ink multiple times every month or so, which can quickly lead to a dent in finances. If you are frustrated with the expensive price of HP brand printer ink, then there is a silver lining in the fact that you can purchase generic re-manufactured ink cartridges for your HP printers rather than the more expensive HP original brand type.
The compatible HP C6615DN (HP 15) black ink cartridge, for example, that is sold by Peachtree Ink, is a lower cost generic black ink cartridge that can be used in HP 15 series printers. One of the many benefits of buying these cheap ink cartridges is the fact that they won't break the bank in terms of their cost, and they are just as efficient as HP's own brand ink replacement cartridges. So ultimately, there's no reason why you shouldn't choose a re-manufactured ink cartridge over a genuine HP one, as the benefits you get are the same, but you pay a much lower price.

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