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HP17 (Three-Color)

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This generic three color ink cartridge is fully compatible with HP C6625AN (HP 17). Works perfectly in your HP printer. Shipping is only $4.95 on the whole order.

Review of the HP17 ink cartridge

Have you ever noticed that the price of HP ink cartridges is expensive, and that it can cost you a small fortune to regularly refill and replace the ink cartridges in your HP printer? We've noticed this as well, and thankfully, there is a cheaper ink cartridge solution out there. For those that want cheap printer ink cartridges for their HP printers, you need look no further than Peachtree Ink. 
Peachtree Ink offers the compatible HP C6625AN (HP 17) tri- color ink cartridge for HP series 17 printers. This generic ink cartridge contains yellow, magenta, and cyan ink, enabling you to make photo and color prints from your HP series 17 printer. This re-manufactured ink cartridge is HP compatible, which means that you will not experience any problems or difficulties if you use this ink cartridge instead of one of HP's own-brand series 17 cartridges. Additionally, this generic tri-color ink cartridge is cheaper to buy than a HP cartridge, and so you can look forward to making long term savings on ink cartridge purchases. Finally, the quality of the ink in these generic ink cartridges are of the same quality that can be found in a genuine HP cartridge, and so you do not need to worry that the quality of the prints will be lower, as its performance is the same as that of any HP ink cartridge.

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