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HP23 (Three-Color)

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This THREE COLOR GENERIC cartridges are fully compatible with HP C1823D (HP 23). Works perfectly in your HP printer. Shipping just $4.95 on the whole order.

Review of the HP23 ink cartridge

Although printers have long been an essential component of anyone's office equipment, it is no hidden fact that replacing the ink in a printer can be a very expensive affair, as often companies such as HP only sell costly replacement ink cartridges. What's more, if a printer is especially inefficient in using its ink, then it could mean that its ink has to be replaced very frequently, which quickly racks up an expensive ink bill that no-one enjoys paying.
Thankfully, although it is impossible to avoid replacing the ink cartridges in your HP printer entirely, there is a way to buy cheap printer cartridges that will work in HP printers. Peachtree Ink for instance sells the compatible HP C1823D (HP 23) tri-color cartridge that can be used in HP series 23 printers. This replacement ink cartridge has three colors: magenta, yellow, and cyan, and it will work without problem in any HP C1823D printer. The great thing about these re-manufactured replacement ink cartridges is that they are much cheaper to buy than anything that is sold by HP, and they also provide the same quality printing results as any official replacement ink cartridge, so there is nothing to lose by buying a re-manufactured discount cartridge.

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