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HP25 (Black) refilled ink cartridge

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HP 25 black ink cartridge. works perfectly in your Hp printer. Sealed and Complete with new chip. Shipping is a flat $4.95
suitible for these HP printers
DeskJet 200 DeskJet 400c DeskJet 520
DeskJet 310 DeskJet 400i DeskJet 540
DeskJet 320 DeskJet 400l DeskJet 540c
DeskJet 330 DeskJet 420 DeskJet 550
DeskJet 340 DeskJet 420c DeskJet 550c
DeskJet 340cbi DeskJet 500 DeskJet 560
DeskJet 340cm DeskJet 500c DeskJet 560c
DeskJet 340cv DeskJet 500p DeskJet 560j
DeskJet 400

Review of the HP25 ink cartridge

There is nothing more frustrating than having to replace the ink in your HP printer. Often, the HP replacement ink cartridges that you buy are excessively expensive, and the cost of replacing the ink in a HP printer can quickly become a headache if your printer is particularly inefficient at conserving its ink levels. 
For those that are looking for an alternative to expensive HP branded ink cartridges, there is thankfully a solution available to you. For those with a HP series 25 printer, Peachtree Ink offers a re-manufactured HP compatible series 25 black ink cartridge that comes sealed and with a new chip. One of the many benefits of re-manufactured cheapest printer ink cartridges such as this one offered by Peachtree Ink is the fact that they are much cheaper to buy than any original HP ink cartridge. Furthermore, refilled ink cartridges by Peachtree Ink are completely HP compatible, which means that you do not have to worry about whether or not your series 25 HP printer will accept the ink cartridge or not, as these re-manufactured ink cartridges will work perfectly well in HP printers. Finally, in terms of the ink quality, there is little to no difference between HP ink cartridges and cheaper refilled ink cartridges, so you ultimately have nothing to lose when buying a re-manufactured cheapest ink.

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