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HP27 and HP28 Generic ink cartridges

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HP27 Black Generic Brand Ink cartridge, 100% equal to HP. Thousands sold with no problems.These are really good!
Suitable for these HP printers

DeskJet 400 DeskJet 500c DeskJet 550
DeskJet 400c DeskJet 500p DeskJet 550c
DeskJet 400l DeskJet 510 DeskJet 560
DeskJet 420 DeskJet 520 DeskJet 560c
DeskJet 420c DeskJet 540 DeskJet PLUS
DeskJet 500 DeskJet 540c


OfficeJet OfficeJet 330 OfficeJet MFP
OfficeJet 300 OfficeJet 350 OfficeJet Personal
OfficeJet 310 OfficeJet LX OfficeJet VP
OfficeJet 320

Review of the HP27 and HP28 ink cartridge

Anyone who wants to replace the black and tri-color ink cartridges in their HP printer should seriously consider switching over to re-manufactured ink cartridges. The problem with HP's own ink cartridges is not that they don't work well, they do, but they are also extremely expensive to buy, and when you consider that in a printer's lifecycle its ink will have to be changed multiple times, the cost quickly adds up. The benefit of re-manufactured cheap ink for printers, such as those sold by Peachtree Ink, is that they work exactly the same as HP cartridges in your printer, but they cost much less to buy. So for anyone looking more a more economical ink solution, generic, re-manufactured ink cartridges are the way to go.
Peachtree Ink sells both the compatible HP series 27 black generic ink cartridge, as well as the compatible HP series 28 tri-color generic cartridges. Tri-color means that the cartridge comes with three colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. Both of these ink cartridges will work without problems in your HP printer, and the quality of the ink and the cartridge's longevity are just the same as you would expect to find in a HP printer, so the only different between a HP cartridge and a re-manufactured ink cartridge is the price.

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