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HP49 and HP15

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This generic ink cartridge is fully compatible with HP C6615DN (HP 15)Shipping is $4.95 for your whole order.

Review of the HP49 and HP15 ink cartridges

Although we can be thankful that there is a wide variety of HP printers on the market at the moment that will help us with a variety of printing, copying, faxing, and even e-mailing tasks, what is often annoying about HP printers is that it can cost a lot of money to replace their ink cartridges. Although ink cartridges are expensive to buy if you buy HP's official, own brand cartridges, you can actually save yourself quite a bit of money if you opt to buy re-manufactured ink cartridges instead of HP's own cartridges. Re-manufactured cheap printer ink are not only cheaper to purchase, but they also produce the same quality ink and print quality as HP's own ink cartridges.
Peachtree Ink sell both the HP compatible 49 series ink cartridge and the HP compatible series 15 ink cartridge. The HP compatible 15 ink cartridge can be used in HP C6615DN printers, whilst the HP compatible 49 color ink cartridge comes with three different colors - cyan, yellow, and magenta, and is compatible for use in series 49 printers. Both of these ink cartridges will work without any issues in your HP printer, and they both cost much less to buy than any official HP ink replacement ink cartridges discounted.


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