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HP60XL Black prints 600 pages
High Volume ink prints double the pages compared to regular.
Suitable for these fine HP printers:
Deskjet D1660 Deskjet F2423 Deskjet F4273
Deskjet D1663 Deskjet F2430 Deskjet F4274
Deskjet D2530 Deskjet F2480 Deskjet F4275
Deskjet D2545 Deskjet F2483 Deskjet F4280
Deskjet D2560 Deskjet F2488 Deskjet F4283
Deskjet D2563 Deskjet F2492 Deskjet F4288
Deskjet D2566 Deskjet F2493 Deskjet F4292
Deskjet D2568 Deskjet F4210 Deskjet F4293
Deskjet D2645 Deskjet F4213 Deskjet F4400
Deskjet D2660 Deskjet F4230 Deskjet F4435
Deskjet D2663 Deskjet F4235 Deskjet F4440
Deskjet D2680 Deskjet F4240 Deskjet F4450
Deskjet F2400 Deskjet F4250 Deskjet F4480
Deskjet F2420 Deskjet F4272 Deskjet F4580


PhotoSmart C4600 PhotoSmart C4683 PhotoSmart C4780
PhotoSmart C4610 PhotoSmart C4685 PhotoSmart C4783
PhotoSmart C4635 PhotoSmart C4690 PhotoSmart C4795
PhotoSmart C4640 PhotoSmart C4700 PhotoSmart C4799
PhotoSmart C4650 PhotoSmart C4740 PhotoSmart D110a
PhotoSmart C4680 PhotoSmart C4750 PhotoSmart F2400


Envy 100 Envy 111e All-In-One - D411d Envy 114e All-In-One - D411c
Envy 100e All-In-One - D410b

Review of the HP60 ink cartridge

Sadly, there's no way of getting around the fact that replacing the ink in your HP printer is expensive, regardless of whether you own a HP printer for business or home office purposes. One of the main reasons why ink is so expensive to replace is because of how much HP-branded ink cartridges cost to buy. Although it's unlikely that HP will start to reduce the price of its ink anytime in the near future, you can take some comfort in the fact that you can still buy cheap ink cartridges to use in your printer. If you choose generic, re-filled ink cartridges over HP's own cartridges, then you will find that you can save yourself a tidy sum of money in the long run. Re-filled ink cartridges cost less to buy than HP's official cartridges, and they will work in your HP printer just fine, so you don't need to worry about them not working in your printer, as they will. 
Peachtree Ink offers the compatible HP 60 and HP 60XL black ink cartridges, which are regular and high capacity volume ink cartridges respectively. The compatible HP 60 regular volume ink cartridge produces an average page yield of 200 pages and can be used in place of CC640WN inkjet cartridges. The compatible HP 60XL printer ink cartridges have a higher average page yield of 600 pages, and will work in CC641WN inkjet cartridges. Additionally, there are the compatible HP 60 tri-color cartridges, which are either regular capacity - the HP60 CL - or high capacity - the HP60XL CL.


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