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HP74 and HP75 Regular and XL refilled cartridges

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Compatible HP 74 black ink cartridge replaces the HP CB335WN inkjet cartridges.200 page yield
This inkjet cartridge is used by the HP Deskjet, OfficeJet and Photosmart series inkjet printers.

Our compatible HP 74 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Suitable for these fine HP Printers:
DeskJet D4200 DeskJet D4268 DeskJet D4363
DeskJet D4260 DeskJet D4280 DeskJet D4368
DeskJet D4263 DeskJet D4360


PhotoSmart C4200 PhotoSmart C4383 PhotoSmart C4583
PhotoSmart C4205 PhotoSmart C4384 PhotoSmart C4585
PhotoSmart C4210 PhotoSmart C4385 PhotoSmart C4588
PhotoSmart C4225 PhotoSmart C4388 PhotoSmart C4599
PhotoSmart C4235 PhotoSmart C4400 PhotoSmart C5200
PhotoSmart C4240 PhotoSmart C4410 PhotoSmart C5225
PhotoSmart C4250 PhotoSmart C4424 PhotoSmart C5240
PhotoSmart C4270 PhotoSmart C4435 PhotoSmart C5250
PhotoSmart C4272 PhotoSmart C4440 PhotoSmart C5270
PhotoSmart C4273 PhotoSmart C4450 PhotoSmart C5273
PhotoSmart C4275 PhotoSmart C4470 PhotoSmart C5275
PhotoSmart C4280 PhotoSmart C4472 PhotoSmart C5280
PhotoSmart C4283 PhotoSmart C4473 PhotoSmart C5283
PhotoSmart C4285 PhotoSmart C4475 PhotoSmart C5288
PhotoSmart C4288 PhotoSmart C4480 PhotoSmart C5290
PhotoSmart C4293 PhotoSmart C4483 PhotoSmart C5293
PhotoSmart C4294 PhotoSmart C4485 PhotoSmart C5500
PhotoSmart C4300 PhotoSmart C4488 PhotoSmart C5540
PhotoSmart C4340 PhotoSmart C4493 PhotoSmart C5550
PhotoSmart C4342 PhotoSmart C4494 PhotoSmart C5580
PhotoSmart C4343 PhotoSmart C4500 PhotoSmart D5300
PhotoSmart C4344 PhotoSmart C4524 PhotoSmart D5345
PhotoSmart C4345 PhotoSmart C4540 PhotoSmart D5360
PhotoSmart C4348 PhotoSmart C4550 PhotoSmart D5363
PhotoSmart C4380 PhotoSmart C4575 PhotoSmart D5368
PhotoSmart C4382 PhotoSmart C4580


OfficeJet J5700 OfficeJet J5750 OfficeJet J6410
OfficeJet J5725 OfficeJet J5780 OfficeJet J6413
OfficeJet J5730 OfficeJet J5785 OfficeJet J6415
OfficeJet J5735 OfficeJet J5788 OfficeJet J6450
OfficeJet J5738 OfficeJet J5790 OfficeJet J6480

HP74 and HP75 ink cartridge Review

Although it is a well known fact that ink for printers is very expensive, it is also true that printers cannot print or copy documents without having these ink cartridges. Although many may have their heads in their hands thinking about how much they have spent on black and tri-color ink cartridges over the years, there is some comfort in the fact that there are other places to buy ink cartridges from other than the printer's manufacturer. In the case of HP printers, for example, you don't have to resign yourself to paying over the odds for official HP ink cartridges, as you can also buy remanufactured cheapest printer ink cartridges that work just as well in your HP printer.

Peachtree Ink sells such remanufactured ink cartridges, and these are not only much cheaper to buy than HP cartridges, but there is also no difference in terms of ink quality. There is, for example, the compatible HP 74 series black ink cartridge, which can be bought in both standard and high capacity sizes. These black ink cartridges replace HP CB335WN inkjet cartridges and will work in HP Deskjet, Officejet and Photosmart printers. Additionally, if you are looking for tri-color ink cartridges, Peachtree Ink also has the compatible HP 75 standard and high capacity tri-color ink cartridges, which replace HP CB337WN cheap inkjet cartridges.

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