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HP82 (Cyan) generic ink cartridge

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Our compatible HP 82 HIGH CAPACITY cyan ink cartridge replaces the HP C4911A inkjet cartridges. This inkjet cartridge is used by the HP DesignJet series inkjet printers. Our compatible HP 82 cyan ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Suitable for: HP DesignJet 10PS HP DesignJet 500PS HP DesignJet 50PS HP DesignJet 510 HP DesignJet 800 HP DesignJet 800PS

Review of the HP82 ink cartridge

Anyone who owns a HP series 82 inkjet printer will know that the cost of replacing the ink in these printers is nothing to joke about, as HP replacement ink cartridges are very expensive to buy. Luckily, if you need to replace the color ink cartridges in your HP 82 series inkjet printer, or know that you will have to replace them at some point in the future, then you can take some comfort in knowing that there is a cheaper option available to you. If you buy re-manufactured cheap ink cartridges, such as those sold by Peachtree Ink, you not only pay less for the ink cartridge, but it also works just as well as any of HP's own ink replacement cartridges.
The compatible HP series 82 ink cartridges sold by Peachtree Ink come in three separate colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. The cyan ink cartridge is a high capacity ink cartridge that will work perfectly in HP C4911A inkjet printers as well as HP DesignJet series printers. Specifically, you can use this ink cartridge in the following printer models: HP DesignJet 10PS, HP DesignJet 500PS, HP DesignJet 50PS, HP DesignJet 510, HP DesignJet 800, HP DesignJet 800PS. The magenta color ink cartridge will work in place of HP C4912A cheap inkjet cartridges and can also be used in HP DesignJet series printers. Finally, the high capacity HP 82 compatible yellow ink cartridge will work in the place of C4913A inkjet cartridges.

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