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hp94 Black generic ink cartridge 100% equal to HP. Thousands sold with no problems.
Money back guaranteed. Works perfectly in your HP printer.
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Review of the HP94 and HP95 ink cartridges

If there was one thing that you could change about your HP printer, chances would be that you would make the ink cartridges in it cost less. Luckily enough, for those who no longer want to keep spending enormous amounts of money on buying replacement ink cartridges, there are alternative, HP compatible ink cartridges available. Peachtree Ink for example sells re-filled generic cheap printer inks, both in black and tri-color ink. Re-filled ink cartridges are much less expensive than original HP ink cartridges, but there is nothing in terms of quality that separate the two.
Peachtree Ink sells the compatible HP94 black generic discount printer ink cartridges and the HP95 tri-color generic ink cartridge. Both of these ink cartridges will work without any problems in the following HP printer models: HP Deskjet 460, 5740, 5940, 6520, 6540, 6540dt, 6830, 6840, 6840dt, 9800, 9800d, the HP Officejet 470wf, 6200, 6210, 6210v, 6210xi, 7200, 7210, 7300, 7310, 7410, H470, H470b, the HP Photosmart 2570, 2573, 2575, 2575v, 2575xi, 2610, 2710, 325, 375, 375b, 385, 7850, 8050, 8150, 8150v, 8150xi, 8450, 8450v, 8450xi, C4100, C4150, C4180, D5069, D5160, and the HP Printer/Copier/Scanner 1600, 1610, 2350, 2355, 2610, 2710.

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