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Review of HP96 and HP97 ink cartridges

Printers have become an essential part of any office environment, especially as many now come with multifunction capabilities and can e-mail documents just as easily as they can print, copy, scan, or fax them. With this in mind, it is important that your printer is efficient in its printer ink usage, as a printer that wastes a lot of ink will cost a lot of money to maintain in the long run, given how expensive ink cartridges are to buy for printers.

For anyone who is worried about having to spend a small fortune on ink cartridges for their HP printer, the good news is that you have other options. You don't have to buy HP's own-brand ink cartridges for your printer, as you can just as easily buy generic ink cartridges instead. What really makes generic ink cartridges stand out is the fact that they are cheaper to buy than their HP counterparts, and they are exactly the same in terms of ink longevity and quality, so there really is no excuse for not trying generic ink cartridges. These Hp96 and HP97 ink cartridges are refilled using the original HP shell and chip. Once they have been checked and renovated and cleaned , they are filled with premium quality printer ink to the same quantity level as the original cartridge. Often the refillers will put more ink in there just to make sure and you actually get a good deal from refilled ink cartridges. Peachtree Ink offers compatible HP96 generic black ink cartridges and compatible HP97 tri-color ink cartridges, which you can use without any problems in your HP printer.

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