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Designjet 700 printer

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This printer uses black only.

HP Designjet 700 printer review

Although color printers are flooding the market, there is still a large market for a monochrome printer like the HP Designjet 700 printer. The interesting part about this printer is that it can accommodate media as large as 24” in size. At 107.8 lbs, the unit must be carried by two men to be placed in a wide space. It is also a big printer with dimensions of 42” in width, 27.1” in depth, and 47” in height. The big Designjet 700 only has a wired connectivity with a set of interface such as Ethernet, serial, and parallel port. It utilizes HP 45 black printer ink cartridge as original consumable which can be replaced with generic ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink online shop.

This monochrome printer is EPA Energy Star compliant but it still consumes 140 watts of power during operation. The maximum media size it can accommodate is 23.4” x 33.1” and sizes such as A1 to A4 as well as roll A1 paper. It handles media types such as plain paper, imaging film, tracing paper, and heavyweight coated paper. The Designjet 700 printer is perfect in printing technical drawings, layout plans, and other materials requiring large media. Obviously, it is intended for commercial applications.    

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