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Deskjet 5940, 5940xi, 5943 generic ink cartridges

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Review of the HP DESKJET 5940 Printers

To consume battery power, most smartphones automatically adjust function like the LED lighting to the minimum. Smart functionality that promotes energy efficiency is now also available in printers. The HP Designjet 5940 Printer is one of them which is capable of going to low power mode when being idle for about 30 minutes. This length of time goes a long way in terms of power efficiency. At 3.6 kg, the Deskjet 5940 is designed to be placed on top of an office table. It delivers mono and color prints right on the user’s desk. In photo printing, a maximum print resolution of 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi is possible in plain paper. The same can be achieved with photo paper through PHOTORet technology. 
Amazing print speed is one of the promotional strengths of this single function unit. It can produce 5.3 pages of A4-sized materials in a minute. This number increases to 8.5 pages per minute if mono pages are printed. A tri-color ink cartridge is installed in this model which can be combined with photo cartridge for an optional six-ink printing. High quality ouput are produced by original printer ink tanks but the unit can adapt to generic consumables provided that they are at par with original cartridges. Peachtreeink.com is an online supplier that sells generic ink.

HP Deskjet 5943 Printer review

For a professional, there is a need to check his or her work from time to time for quality assurance. When documents, graphics, and photos need to be printed, fast drafts are crucial. These copies must be produced with a quick print speed. For black text in this mode, the HP Designjet 5943 can print 23 pages per minute in a letter size format. If text is combined with color graphics and images, the number of copies that can be produced is reduced to 18 pages per minute. For some users, print speed can be negligible as long as the quality of prints is unquestionable. With this printer, print quality is derived from a maximum print resolution of 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi for all media it works with.

To fit to small offices, shops, and other spaces needing a personal printer, a unit like the Deskjet 5943 must be slim and lightweight. Luckily, it only weighs 3.63 kgs when the cartridges are detached. It only measures 8.66 inches from front to back and stands at 6.65 inches. In addition, its width is only a bit longer than 1 and ½ feet. HP encourages owners to only use original consumables but other options can be generic ink cartridges from reputable suppliers. For convenience, these supplies can be bought online from e-commerce websites dealing with printers like Peachtreeink.com generic cheap cartridge and toner distributor.   

HP Deskjet 5940xi Printer review

Even with personal printers, cool enhancements in printers must not be neglected. Although the HP Deskjet 5940xi printer’s monthly duty cycle is limited to 2,000 crisp pages, it sports exciting features that are also found in HP’s more expensive and larger printers. It starts with the PHOTOREt image enhancement technology combined with the capability to produce borderless photos in 8.5” x 11” photo paper size. When printing on black in normal mode, the print resolution is at 600 dpi x 600 dpi on plain paper. In the same media, it is optimized at 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi for color but in the same mode. The required hard disk space depends on the installed operating system. At least 300 MB is needed for the four MS Windows versions being utilized and 150 MB for Mac OS X versions.

At the front panel, there is a port for PictBridge camera connection. Another port is a Universal Serial Bus for laptops and other devices. For printers of its size, 100 sheets of input paper capacity would be more than enough. Personal printers like the Deskjet 5940xi are expected to work with a handful of paper types and sizes like plain paper, envelopes, and greeting cards. Nonetheless, it also works well with photo paper and generic ink cartridges other than original tanks. Inexpensive ink cartridges replacements can readily be bought online from suppliers like Peachtreeink.com e-commerce site.            

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