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Deskwriter 600, 672, 680, 680c, 682, 682c, 693, 694 compatibles

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The re-manufactured HP DeskWriter 693C inkjet cartridge guaranteed to meet or exceed the print quality
of the OEM HP DeskWriter 693C inkjet cartridges. Purchasing our remanufactured HP DeskWriter 693C ink cartridges
is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing quality.
Our HP DeskWriter 693C remanufactured cheap printer ink cartridges have a 'One Year 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee'.
The use of our remanufactured ink cartridges for the HP DeskWriter 693C does not void your printer's warranty.
Uses Hp29 black and HP49 color cartridges

This BLACK generic ink cartridge is fully compatible with HP 51629A (HP 29).
Works perfectly in your HP printer. Shipping only $4.95 on the whole order.
Compatible with: 51629A,51629,HP29,HP29,51629,HP 600, HP 600C,HP 660C,
HP 660CSE,HP 670, HP 670C,HP 670TV,HP 672C,HP 680C, HP 682C,
HP 690C,HP 691C,HP 692C, HP 693C,HP 694C,HP 695C,HP 695CCI,
HP 697C,HP600,HP600C,HP660C,HP660CSE, HP670,HP670C
,HP670TV,HP672C,HP680C, HP682C,HP690C,HP691C,
HP692C,HP693C, HP694C,HP695C,HP695CCI,HP697C,HP Deskjet600,
HP Deskjet600C,HP Deskjet660C,HP Deskjet660CSE, HP Deskjet670,
HP Deskjet670C,HP Deskjet670TV, HP Deskjet672C,HP Deskjet680C,
HP Deskjet682C, HP Deskjet690C,HP Deskjet691C,HP Deskjet692C,
HP Deskjet693C,HP Deskjet694C,HP Deskjet695C,
HP Deskjet695CCI,HP Deskjet697C

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