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Photosmart 5514, 5514e, 5515e, 5520e generic ink cartridges

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THIS IS THE WIDE black ink cartridge and is XL HIGH VOLUME SIZE.
HP564XL black PAGE YIELD = 800 pages compared to regular HP564 black=250)
Works perfectly in your HP printer. IMPORTANT NOTE: ******** Some HP printers do not take the WIDE cartridge. Please check before ordering this model. Your printer may be limited to HP564 regular black -we do not sell the regular thin black cartridge. Our HP564 Black XL wide printer ink cartridge has the NEW chip that works on all models of HP printers shown below:

Review of the HP PhotoSmart 5514, 5514e, 5515e, 5520e Printers

Printers have never been affordable with HP PhotoSmart 5514 e-All-in-one printer. This is an entry level printer with features that characterize n adaptation to an information technology-based industry. To highlight the sophistication of this model, HP installed a 6.0 cm color screen. Through this screen, various printing activities can be accessed and monitored. This includes the use of HP ePrint in executing tasks from a mobile device. Moreover, printing and sharing can be done through wireless connectivity.

In spite of the advance information processing, web content, documents, and images come out with superb quality. It helps a lot in terms of cost-effectiveness to consider using generic ink as replacement to the printer’s individual ink cartridges. The PhotoSmart 5514 can be used by different types of people. Professionals and students can utilize the efficiency of this e-all-in-one printer wherever they are. Tech-savvy individuals will definitely be astonished with what the PhotoSmart 5514 can do. To enable the quick processing of information, HP created the mobile printing applications for users who will access the printer from a smartphone. 



On the other hand, Airprint is dedicated to the product lines of Apple such as the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. With data coming from all imaginable media, it is better to opt for generic cheap printer cartridges. Budget users can enjoy every bit of the equipment’s features without spending large sums of money. The software technology within the PhotoSmart 5514 enables users not only to print data from a PC’s hard drive from other sources as well. This can be from a removable USB storage or the worldwide web. Students and hobbyists can access greeting cards, games, and recipes using free special applications. Information management to enable scanning, printing, and copying can all be done through the unit’s display screen even if a PC is lacking.

Although high-capacity cartridges are used in continuous printing, the same quality of prints can be obtained with generic discount ink cartridges. High quality replacement inks are perfectly fine for the HP PhotoSmart 5514. Owners of this printer must understand that it is not design for heavy duty printing. The printing speed for black is 11 pages per minute and 7.5 pages per minute for color prints. It will be more efficient if used within the designed parameters. On the other hand, duplex printing and Energy Star rating are features pointing to the printer’s cost and energy saving measures.

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