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Photosmart Plus B210, B210a, B8500 generic ink cartridges

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THIS IS THE WIDE black inexpensive printer ink cartridge and is XL HIGH VOLUME SIZE.
HP564XL black PAGE YIELD = 800 pages compared to regular HP564 black=250)
Works perfectly in your HP printer. IMPORTANT NOTE: ******** Some HP printers do not take the WIDE cartridge.
Please check before ordering this model. Your printer may be limited to HP564 regular black -we do not sell the regular thin black cartridge.
Our HP564 Black XL wide ink cartridge has the NEW chip that works on all models of HP printers shown below:

Reviewing HP Photosmart Plus B210, B210a, B8500 Printers
by Jamila

People gather the hard copies of important documents, information or data so that they don’t lose them like the soft copies that can be harmed or erased rather easily. But, what should someone do if he gets some smudged documents with unclear print? That’s why every office needs a good printer which will assure high quality printing. HP Photosmart Plus B210 Printer is one of those printers which will guarantee it’s users high quality printing along with other different facilities as its name suggests it is an all-in-one printer.

The users will get an accessory bag, a CD with software, reusable tote, and power cord, HP 564 black cartridge which will support up to 250 pages of printouts; HP 564 cyan, yellow cartridge that can cover almost 300 pages each; and also a reference guide. But the most important thing this Photosmart Plus B210 printer can do is that it can print high quality pictures. Anyone can print lab quality photos with it and thus it will be a very useful tool if anyone wants to maintain a small photo studio. The users are not bound to use any specific ink. But they can use generic ink cartridges cheap to save the cost and maintain the quality at the same time.


This HP product gives its users the ultimate freedom of doing their own work anywhere they like. It is not necessary to seat in front of the PC to give commands. By using the assimilated wireless technology of this HP printer, the users can share and print from multiple computers at the same time. So, if anyone is running this in his office, he will be able to get connected with his colleagues. The users of HP Photosmart Plus B210 can also print from their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Users can send documents and photos directly to this HP product from their cell phones. The auto-engaging photo tray will help the users to get their pictures easily. This printer will guarantee smudge-resistant photos and papers that will last long. The users can use generic cheap printer ink  so that they get high quality printing at minimum cost. The great thing that it can do is it ensures the users that they can copy scan and print papers and pictures without turning on their computers.

The users can even scan 3D objects and documents up to 8.5" x 11.7" with it. It will help them to save their energy and time. This HP printer works really fast and the users will get almost 32 pages of black print and 30 pages of color print per minute. Energy Star- qualified all-in-one will help its consumers to preserve energy while lowering the cost with generic affordable ink and high capacity cartridges will help them to save costs.

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