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Kodak 10 black and Color - Kodak10Bk+CL (Bk+3color)

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Our compatible Kodak 10 black inexpensive ink cartridges replace the Kodak 1215581 inkjet cartridges.
This inkjet cartridge is used by the Kodak 5000 and ESP series inkjet printers.
Our compatible Kodak 10 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
For Kodak ESP printer models this item will only work in conjunction with a compatible Kodak #10 color cartridge- ONLY SOLD AS A SET OF Black + Color

Innovation with Kodak printers

Kodak has been the brunt of quite a few financial problems these last few years. The problem is that they refuse to raise the prices for their ink cartridges, even though the costs of raw materials are increasingly eating into their bottom line. Another issue that is contributing to their financial woes is the fact that cheap printer inks are starting to become more and more popular as the recession rages on. The ink industry has seen some improvement, though, and Kodak seems to be riding on the tail of a wave of increases in the number of ink cartridge users. Thanks to the development of new industrial printing technologies, Kodak seems to be in safe waters. Finally, there is a ray of hope in the storm of this terrible recession. Kodak is responsible for making some of the best printers on the market. It makes you wonder why they are not doing better than they are. Kodak is really making a big impact in the industrial printing industry. Companies that used to rely heavily on offset printing to keep costs down have been switching to Kodak digital printing presses. Ultimately, Kodak can be said to be moving in the right direction. While it is true that a lot of consumers are buying generic ink cartridges, Kodak printers are still selling better than HP, Brother, and Lexmark. This, says Kodak, proves that innovation trumps tough economic conditions every time. You might be asking, 'Who exactly is making use of Kodak's technologies?

Large-scale printing companies take the number one spot, with small businesses coming in a close second. Thanks to Kodak, thousands of printing companies have decided to "go digital", tossing out their offset printing presses and picking up digital printing presses that have lower upfront costs and a lot less waste. Offset printing requires large print runs in order to keep the cost per unit low. Companies would print five thousand books in order to get a higher profit margin on each sale. Unfortunately, that does not work in this economy. By switching to digital, a lot of companies have actually prevented themselves from going out of business. Thanks to Kodak, the Recession did not succeed in robbing the world of affordable printed books and magazines.

Thanks to their high degree of efficiency, Kodak printers are also helping small businesses survive the tough economy by helping to cut costs. After all, office printing is, by its very nature, a major waste of resources. While only about 1% of large-scale printing is being done digitally, almost 90% of office printers use some form of printing technology. Still, that is not enough to cut costs. By combining the efficiency of a Kodak printer with the low cost of generic cheap ink cartridges, you can maximize profit margins and cut back on your overhead.