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Kodak ESP 3, ESP5, ESP7, ESP9 - generic printer ink

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For Easyshare All-in-One 5100, 5300, 5500-Our compatible Kodak 10 black ink cartridge replaces the Kodak 1215581 inkjet cartridges.
This inkjet cartridge is used by the Kodak 5000 and ESP series inkjet printers.
Our compatible Kodak 10 black printer ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
For Kodak ESP printer models this item will only work in conjunction with a compatible Kodak #10 color cartridge- ONLY SOLD AS A SET OF Black + Color
  • Easyshare All-in-One 5100, 5300, 5500
  • ESP 3, 5, 7, 9
  • ESP 3250, 5250, 7250, 9250
  • ESP Office 6150

Note: Your printer model may not be listed on the package/label. The package tends to only list a few of the popular printers models,
but the cartridges will work with your printer. 

Review of the Kodak ESP 3, ESP5, ESP7, ESP9 Printers
by Conrado

It is really convenient to use wireless technology because any individual can communicate with other people while being mobile. This technology has been extended to printing and Kodak ESP 3 All-in-one Printer has Wi-Fi. This printer is actually designed as a home printer because much of the applications are focused on different tasks being done at home. Some of the usable templates are sheet music, notebook paper, and graph paper. However, the ease of use is not confined to home use. Through a USB port, a memory card can be connected wherein JPG files can be printed. Wireless connectivity is also maximized by accessing Kodak Email Print Services. Printing with ESP 3 becomes more economical using generic ink as a cheaper alternative with the same quality.

It is surprising that Kodak was able to install a touchscreen display considering the entry level price tag. Nevertheless, the printer is only left with copy, scan, and print function because the fax mode was left out. Moreover, an auto document feeder was also missing. To extend the minimum design, the input tray was also limited to 100-sheet capacity. There are also no optional and multi-purpose trays. Even with limited paper handling capacity, it does not mean that the ESP 3 cannot be used as a dual role printer. It is beneficial to use generic discounted printer ink as part of the system.

At 11.5 lbs, it is one of the lightest MFP available. It is also pretty small with 7.0” in height, 16.5” in width, and 12.4” in depth. With print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, the unit produces 4” x 6” quality photos in 50 seconds. Text prints are amazingly in higher level compared to models in its class. There was really no existence of shades of gray and tinge of color. On the other hand, graphics output did not fare better but it is suitable for internal business use. Having generic cheap printer ink installed in the printer helps a lot in improving quality of prints.

The actual print speed of the unit based on tests is 3.2 pages per minute. At this speed, it is tied with most printers in its category. Although having Wi-Fi capability is an awesome feature, it would be more convenient if the unit also has provision for wired networking. As a dual role printer focusing on household use, the Kodak ESP 3 has all it takes to be the most marketable MFP. Its hardware and software technology are already cutting edge in present standard even with its low price tag.