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Kodak ESP 3250, 5250, 7250, 9250 (complete set)

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  • Easyshare All-in-One 5100, 5300, 5500
  • ESP 3, 5, 7, 9
  • ESP 3250, 5250, 7250, 9250
  • ESP Office 6150

Note: Your printer model may not be listed on the package/label. The package tend to only list a few of the popular printers models, but the cartridges will work with your printer. 

Inkjet ink cartridges are Brand New non-OEM (made by third party manufacturer)
Each cartridge has approximately 2 year shelf life
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer
Volume of ink is same as OEM 

Review of the Kodak ESP 3250, 5250, 7250, 9250 Printers

If you have a home-based business, one effective strategy is to invest on office equipment. Obtaining Kodak ESP 3250 all-in-one inkjet printer is not a costly decision to take. In fact, the printer is being promoted to as a model with low replacement ink cost. This cost can be further reduced with generic cheap printer inks which provide the same quality of prints as the original. It is amazing how a number of top of the line enhancements have been integrated in the ESP 3250. Features like direct printing from mobile devices as well as auto document feed are used to be found only in high end multifunction printers. With a 150-sheet capacity in the paper tray, it can produce one color print in 38 seconds.

However, it is not an impressive print speed and the unit only supports premium, plain, and photo paper. On the other hand, it supports borderless printing and its color depth is 24-bit. The ESP 3250 isreally intended for photo printing. Owners of start-up businesses can also create appealing promotional materials aside from day-to-day documents. The vibrant colors of photo prints are made possible with the 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution. To consistently come up with attractive prints, generic ink is an equally effective replacement discount printer ink that can be installed. The optical resolution for scanning is 1200 dpi and documents can be reduced to a maximum of 20%. For documents having tiny texts that are hard to decipher, a maximum zoom of 500% is available. In fax mode, documents can be sent in a rate of 33.6 and 100 pages of regular documents can be stored in the fax page memory.

The lack of double-sided printing feature can be seen as a loophole in the unit’s design. The only savings left for consumable items is on generic ink and standard ink for the printer. The Kodak ESP 3250 is a light-duty multifunction printer that will cater to the needs of small enterprises. It cannot produce dozens of superb prints in a matter of minutes but quality prints are possible in longer period of time. This type of printing speed is fine as long as the consistency of color and text does not change. For bigger corporations, it can be employed as a backup unit when a heavy-duty printer is not working. This is efficient office equipment that prevents downtime to achieve better productivity.