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Lex #34 Black aftermarket cartridge for Lexmark printers. COMPATIBLE AFFORDABLE INK CARTRIDGES. Works perfectly in your LEXMARK printer complete with chip.Money back Guarantee.

Review of the Lexmark P450 Printers

The Lexmark P450 comes with a great design, and it is a pretty easy printer to use. It isn’t possible to connect it to a PC it is just a photo lab by itself. You can print the photos you desire by connecting your camera, memory card, CD or USB drive to the printer, and then choose whatever you wish to print out. Rest assured that the results you will get will be remarkable. With a 3 color ink jet technology and a maximum printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch, it is sure to satisfy your photographic needs. The Lexmark P450 printer can be used for something other than photo printing as well, like direct image printing on CD-R’s, providing index sheets or slide shows. If you ever need to replace your printer ink cartridges for this Lexmark P450, Peachtree Ink offers Black ink cartridge A34 and color ink cartridge A35 which are perfectly compatible cartridges for this printer. They will fit in perfectly with your printer, and if for some reason you are not pleased you have a money back guarantee. The Lexmark P450 is a pretty neat, easy to use photo printer that will always give you amazing results, so you shouldn’t be let down by it at all. Neither will you be let down by using the cost saving cheap printer cartridges at Peachtree INK.
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