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Lexmark X5495 refilled ink cartridge

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Black aftermarket cartridge for Lexmark printers. COMPATIBLE DISCOUNT PRINTER CARTRIDGES. Works perfectly in your LEXMARK printer complete with chip.Money back Guarantee.

Review of the Lexmark X5495 Printers

Multi-functionality, that’s what the Lexmark X5495, is all about. This all in one printer has changed my life in the office, and it is very affordable so I got one for home as well. The kids love using it as well, it helps them so much with their homework and activities. You can use it for various sorts of stuff, like printing, scanning; you can use it to copy and even for faxing. You might run into difficulties with the ink cartridges running out very quickly, and it will be hard for you to find a decent replacement. I can cut your troubles short, and tell you that you should definitely use the ink cartridges discounted from Peachtree Ink. Their A34 and A35 cartridges are compatible with the Lexmark X5495 and work perfectly with it. I always use their merchandise with my printers, and I have never had any problems so far. In case you still have problems, there is a money back guarantee, but you probably won’t need it. The Lexmark X5495 with its brilliant copies, amazing photo quality and as 4 devices in 1 printer, it is going to make you really happy and your life much easier. 
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