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Lexmark X63, X73 , X83 and X85 refilled ink

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Our compatible Lexmark #70 black ink cartridge replaces the Lexmark 12A1970 inkjet cartridges. This inkjet cartridge is used by the Lexmark X and Z series inkjet printers. Our compatible Lexmark #70 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Review of the Lexmark X63, X73 , X83 and X85 Printers

When we take a look at the Lexmark printer models X63, X73 and X83 we can notice that they are pretty similar to each other, in their specifications and their look and design as well. They are decent printers, useful at home or at the office for printing, copying or scanning. Each of them use a Thermal Ink jet print technology, and they have the same maximum resolution stats of 2400 x 1200 dots per inch while printing in black or in color. As far as their scan technology is concerned, the X63 uses a CIS technology and the X73 and the X83 use a CCD with 84 bit depth technology. They are all of the flatbed scanner type. Their printing speeds are pretty different. What is really good about these printers is that they work great with the aftermarket inexpensive ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink, so you will be able to save some money if you decide to use their products and even with the huge savings you will still get a good quality print. The X85 from Lexmark is a bit better than the previously mentioned printers, as it has a higher printing resolution in color of 4800 x 1200 dpi and a scan resolution of 600 x 1200. But like the other versions, this one also has no problems working great with the cheaper version print cartridges from Peachtree Ink.
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