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Lexmark X75 refilled ink

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Lexmark generic #16 cartridge -black Works perfectly in your Lexmark printer YOUR PRINTER MAY USE # 16 OR #17 BLACK Please choose the one you currently use. THIS IS A RE-MANUFACTURED CARTRIDGE

Review of the Lexmark X75 Printers

The Lexmark X75 ink jet printer is a multifunctional printer which you can use for a number of things, like copying, scanning and printing. This printer does an excellent job for you, and it will create stunning photos, text documents etc. which won’t disappoint you. It has a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 1200 dots per inch when printing in black or in color, and it reaches a speed of 11 ppm when printing in black, and up to 6 ppm when printing color graphics. As far as scanning is concerned the Lexmark X75 is a flatbed scanner type, which uses a CIS (Contact Image System) scan technology and has an optical scan resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi. However, the scanning resolution can be enhanced to 9600 x 9600 ppi. It can function well with all Windows and Mac versions connected through a Type B standard USB port to a computer. One of the greatest things about this printer from Lexmark is that without a doubt it works perfectly with the lower cost generic cartridges from Peachtree Ink. I have been very satisfied with their products and can surely say I won’t stop using them. It truly is ‘a peach of a deal’ with them. Remember that original Lexmark brand cartridges are extremely expensive and anyone wanting heartburn needs only buy a set of original brand Lexmark printer cartridges. Here at Peachtree we save you from sticker shock and promise you that our aftermarket lower priced generic printer ink cheap for Lexmark will work perfectly every time.
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