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Lexmark X8350 refilled ink cartridge

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Black aftermarket cartridge for Lexmark printers. Works 100% OK complete with new chip.Money back Guarantee. This is a re-filled cartridge cheap ink.

Review of the Lexmark X8350 Printers

Have you ever imagined that you could have a printer that does everything you need? It seems hard, but it is a pretty nice thing to think of, isn’t it? Well my friends, I can tell you that the time for daydreaming is now over. In my long search for a great printer that simply does it all, I found this great Lexmark X8350 printer. This little guy from Lexmark packs a serious punch, as not only it prints and copies, but you can use it to do so many other things, like scanning and faxing too. If you ask me, all these things combined make the Lexmark X8350 a printer worth its money. With the great technology it offers and great versatility, this printer is sure to be a great and lasting part of your business. I also have to describe one great experience with the Lexmark X8350 concerning replaced its cartridge. I was struggling with finding a good cartridge for my printer as the Lexmark brand printer cartridges seemed so very expensive. Then one of my business partners suggested I should try the cheapest ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink. I got to say I was very pleased. From the minute I replaced my old cartridge with the one from Peachtree Ink, I could see how well they worked together. The Lexmark X8350 is perfectly happy with an off brand printer ink cartridge. Now I know why my friend has such a good business going for so many years- he is a wise man.
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