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Lexmark Z13, Z17, Z23, Z23, Z23e, Z24, Z25, Z25L REFILLED INK

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Lexmark generic #16 cartridge -black Works perfectly in your Lexmark printer YOUR PRINTER MAY USE # 16 OR #17 BLACK Please choose the one you currently use. THIS IS A RE-MANUFACTURED CHEAP INK CARTRIDGE

Review of the Lexmark Z13, Z223, Z225 Printers

I was doing some cleaning around in my basement a couple of weeks before Christmas, looking for some Christmas decorations for my home.. Instead of my décor, which is probably thrown out somewhere in the trash, I found my old Lexmark Z13 printer. I was surprised to see it there, as I thought it has been thrown in the trash a long time ago, but it seems somehow that the printer and the decorations got all mixed up. The printer was still in great shape, it had no problem functioning, except for the fact that I couldn’t find a decent cartridge for my printer. None of them simply worked well with the Lexmark Z13, until I came across the cheap printer ink cartridges from Peachtree Ink. I have got to say that their cartridges offer great quality and they worked great with my printer. The old Lexmark Z13 which was meant to go to the trash now became a great part of my work. With a decent resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch, and decent speeds of up to 7ppm and 4ppm it is awesome for my everyday printing needs, and I am glad I found it in my basement.
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