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B4100 B4200 B4300 (42103001) - (Black)

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Our compatible Okidata (42103001) black toner cartridge replaces the Okidata (42103001) black toner laser cartridges. This cheap toner cartridge is used by the Okidata B4100, B4200 and B4300 series color laser printers. Our compatible Okidata (42103001) black toner cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 3000 pages

Why Printer Ink Costs So Much?

If you think learning more about how printer ink is made will give you any insight into why it costs so much, you are wrong. Actually, the price has more to do with business than the cost of materials and labour. Ultimately, it is a combination of high demand and the small number of suppliers. Only recently have consumers begun to realize that generic ink can provide them with the same level of quality at a significantly lower price. Compatible Generic ink is really the best way to go if you are tired of paying an arm and a leg for branded printer ink. You will get the same high quality at a fraction of the cost. It is about time you actually got to spend less. Just consider it your Christmas gift from yourself this year.

 It is sad how many people think that cheap printer ink is low quality. The problem is that they have been brainwashed by the brand name companies. To get the best deal, though, you really have to know what to look for. Some generic ink and toner cartridges are high quality, affordable, and guaranteed to work with your printer. These are usually the ISO-9001 certified ones. Do not think, though, that no generic inks will ruin your printer. If you buy from the wrong retailer, you could find yourself with a mess on your hands. The secret to getting the best generic ink is in finding a good online retailer that you can actually trust. Once you find an online retailer, look closely at the website. If it looks like it was thrown together in a weekend, do not waste your time. Now, that does not mean you cannot trust online stores.

There are many, in fact, that have great reputations for offering top quality products. It should not be too hard to find them. It is actually pretty simple to find an online store that sells generic printer ink cartridges that are high in quality. You just have to know how to use a search engine. Enter a search term such as 'cheap printer ink' or 'cheap ink cartridges' and look at all the listings, not just the first few that show up. If you are looking to save money but cannot bring yourself to buy generic, consider getting some re-manufactured cartridges instead. They will help keep more money in your wallet and, at the same time, reduce your impact on the environment. Because they buy spent cartridges and refill them with high quality generic toner refill, they can charge a lot less than OEM manufacturers while offering you the same high quality end product.