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CLP-310N, CLP-315, CLX-3170, CLX-3175 & CLX-3185 - (Black)

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Our Genuine CLT-K409S black printer toner cartridge is used by SAMSUNG CLP-310N,CLP-315/CLP-315W/CLX-3170/CLX-3175/CLX-3175FN printers.

Review of the Samsung CLP-310N, CLP-315, CLX-3170, CLX-3175 & CLX-3185 CLX-3185 Printers
By Jamila

The new technologies are advancing our lives and alleviating the economy problems everyday with new inventions. People are getting used to the technological advanced stuff and they are looking for more innovative tools. Samsung presents CLX-3185 color printer and scanner for those people who are not satisfied with the age old black and white printer. The consumers will find it very useful for their office or home or educational institutions.

The Samsung CLX-3185 is a vigorously fast color laser printer which can work in any type of ambiance. It is a total pack of different tasks like scanning, copying and printing. It can provide the users with 17 B/W printed copies and 4 color printed copies under 1 minute which is pretty fast. There is an H-print screen button through which the consumers can easily print whatever they want in a very short period. As this printer is renowned for the color copies the toners must be an important fact. In that case you can use generic CHEAP TONER and that will make the texts and pictures sharp enough that someone will hardly differentiate between the printed and the original pages.

As the consumers are getting used to the more advanced All-in-One printers, sometimes it becomes hard for them to use a printer which only can copy, print and scan. CLX-3185 cannot fax or cannot be connected with the other printers through wireless so that might be somewhat troublesome. The aspect of this printer which can please the consumers is that it can go a long time even if they don’t use it and just put it in a corner. The maintenance of this printer is so easy that anybody will be good with it. You can access toner cartridges very easily. If you want to use Generic discount toner cartridges then the process will be easier as it doesn’t need anything extra to give you extremely bold printed pages.

The CLX-3185 needs only 45 seconds to warm up and you will start working with it after that warm up session. It can work non-stop but it will be better if you turn it off when you don’t need it. It will use around 850 watts when it is warmed-up and that can give you a close idea about how much will you spend and how much will you save when you will start working with it. The built-in energy saving aspects, the cost of cheaper generic toner and the rate of CLX-3185 will give you a clear idea of your expenditure for some better printing work; but if you compare the prices of it and other printers you should also compare the quality of your paper.
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