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ML-3312, 3712ND, 3712DW (MLT-D205L/MLT-D205L) - (Black)

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Our compatible Samsung (MLT-D205L) Black toner cartridge replaces the Samsung (MLT-D205L) toner cartridges. This printer toner cartridge is used in the Samsung ML-3312ND, SCX-5739FW ,SCX-4835FR, ML-3712ND, ML-3712DW, SCX-5639FR. Our compatible Samsung (MLT-D205L) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 8000 pages

Review of the Samsung ML-3312, 3712ND, 3712DW Printers
by Conrado

Companies who are looking for printers with solid output quality and high-volume printing capability can subject the features of Samsung ML-3712ND to the test. A monochrome laser printer with 200,000 pages monthly duty cycle will always be of crucial use for large enterprises. The input tray alone has a capacity of 520 sheets establishing this printer’s reputation of being a compact printer for commercial use. Aside from integrating cheap toner cartridge as an alternative, the unit can be set into an Eco-mode to further save on time, energy, and consumables.

At 56 lbs, the unit is not really heavy and bulky for a heavy-duty printer. It only measures 14.1” x 16.5” x 17.1” which is of equal size as medium-sized printers. There are only two conventional buttons on the unit’s control panel because the color touchscreen controls most of the printer’s functions. The maximum paper capacity of the unit can reach 2,700 sheets because of the availability of the 520-sheet optional paper tray.

Although there are printer brands that have a total paper capacity of 4,000 pages, this is not the feature that provides better efficiency. On the other hand, the Ethernet and USB connectivity makes the unit more sophisticated as a mono laser printer. In sharing the printer with a workgroup, cost savings from generic laserjet toner will provide huge difference in operational expenses.

There are surely other heavy duty printers that surpass the ML-3712ND in terms of speed but for me, it has enough of it. With print speed of 50 pages per minute, this printer is also gauged to deliver 8.3 effective pages per minute. In this speed, the quality of text prints of the unit is pretty consistent. The uneven distribution of toner can be slightly addressed by generic toner as an alternative. In general, the clarity and vividness of photo and graphic output can be considered above the quality of internal business use.

It is just proper that the Samsung  ML-3712ND possesses the high level of quality for a mono laser. Its price tag went up because of the enhancements like the touchscreen and paper handling capability. There are still good reasons why consumers should invest in a mono laser printer especially for a heavy duty one. For its initial cost, this printer is really for organizations which are aiming for convenience in high-intensity printing. Eventually, the time saved and quality of output will justify the decision to purchase the Samsung ML-3712ND. Generic Toner from Peachtree INK is best.