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SCX-5739FW, 4835FR, 5639FR (MLT-D205L) - (Black)

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Our compatible Samsung (MLT-D205L) Black DISCOUNT toner cartridge replaces the Samsung (MLT-D205L) toner cartridges. This toner cartridge is used in the Samsung ML-3312ND, SCX-5739FW ,SCX-4835FR, ML-3712ND, ML-3712DW, SCX-5639FR. Our compatible Samsung (MLT-D205L) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 8000 pages

Review of Samsung SCX-5739FW, 4835FR, 5639FR Laser Printer
by Conrad
Another laser printer that is priced in the $400 range is Samsung SCX-4835FR. This monochrome printer is not so quick in printing delivering 33 pages per minute only. This print speed and the unit itself is designed for the use of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is expected that the unit will have paper handling capability which is standard for business like the 250-sheet input tray and 50-sheet multipurpose tray. There is also a 50-sheet automatic document feeder with duplexer for the flatbed capable of scanning legal-sized materials. If the unit is to be used in a medium-sized enterprise, the original ink can be substituted with cheap toner cartridges to cut down on cost of consumables.
There are times when tons of documents have to be processed so a 520-sheet optional tray can be installed for a price. These additional sheets of paper can be handled by the printer’s body having dimensions of 17.6”x 18.5” x17.2”in height, width, and depth. The SCX-4835FR’s effective page per minute only falls to 3.3 which is way below other printers in the same level. The average of the competition is from 8.2 to 10.6 pages per minute. There is no real problem in installing driver and software using system supported software. To recuperate with the initial investment fast, owners must consider using generic printer toner as an alternative ink system.
For less demanding printing needs, the quality of printed text can be good enough. Nonetheless, they might not be suitable for submitting important documents to meticulous clients. Photo and graphics output are on the same level and they are perfect for documents that are produced on a daily basis. If one considers the price range, the unit will definitely be considered expensive for the features it offers. The only advantage of using it efficiently is to consider replacing original ink with generic ink and toner cartridges as a cost-effective option.
The unit’s capability of scanning from a PC as well as faxing and printing from the same equipment are not enough to justify its cost. There are other brands which have the same capabilities in a lower price range. The paper handling capability scores considerable points but also not enough to balance the issues on speed and output quality. The Samsung SCX-4835FR is for heavy printing with no urgency. The quality of prints will largely depend on the requirement on the preference of the user.